Witness statements translated by specialists


Witness statements may be admitted as evidence in court proceedings. These statements relate to issues or events about which a witness has personal knowledge. When witness statements are translated, they must adhere precisely to the source text. The phrasing used by the witness cannot be altered. As a legal translation agency, JMS Textservice specialises in translating witness statements. Our translators are professionals who are versed in the style and terminology that must be used in witness statements.


Because witness statements may be admitted as evidence in court proceedings, for example, a sworn translation might be required. The team at JMS Textservice includes several sworn translators. They are registered in the register of sworn interpreters and translators and may certify translations of official and legal documents, such as witness statements. A sworn translation features, among other things, a stamp and a statement indicating that nothing was misrepresented, added or omitted from the translation of the witness statement.


Our translators excel at delivering faithful translations. It is not a coincidence that we work for many law firms and notarial firms in Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland. We are appreciated for both our careful work and our speed. Specifically, JMS Textservice can also supply translations of witness statements at short notice.

Our deliveries are not restricted to office hours. You can contact us for translations of witness statements no matter what time it is.

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