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Translating your website into English

Your website is your company’s business card: the very best way to present your company to the world. It is up to you to decide just how big that world is. If your focus is on the Netherlands and/or Flanders exclusively, then you might not need your website to be available in other languages. Or do you? After all, the Netherlands and Belgium are certainly home as well to people who don’t speak Dutch. An estimated 200,000 expats reside in the Netherlands, for example, and as many as 220,000 in Belgium! Would it not be great if your website could help foreign-language speakers find all the information they are looking for? A website in English, the lingua franca of the international business world, will greatly increase the number of users able to read your website. Did you know, for example, that nearly one and a half billion people in the world speak English?

Translation agency JMS Textservice can help you. From our office in Volendam, near Amsterdam, our experienced translators will translate your website from Dutch to English in the style you desire. Would you prefer us to take a British or American approach? Or would you prefer us to use a more general variant of English? Do you wish to address your customers in a formal or informal way? JMS Textservice will translate your website in line with your wishes and preferences and is always available for consultation. We consider your feedback to be the best resource for making the translation even better. Have you updated your website? Not a problem. We will simply use the original translator again to update the translated website correctly, maintaining the same style throughout.

Your website in other languages

JMS Textservice is also the perfect partner for website translations in other languages. How about a website in Spanish (559 million speakers worldwide), French (310 million) or German (133 million)? For translations of websites into languages other than English, we rely on our close-knit network of best-in-class external translators. We only work with proven professionals, native speakers of the target language, with whom we have developed a close relationship over the years: translators who share our values.

Translating other types of web texts

JMS Textservice also regularly translates other types of web texts for companies in a wide range of industries. Examples include informative blogs, advertisements (for social media), newsletters and long-form articles for LinkedIn. You too can increase your online presence with accurately translated web texts. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services. We would be happy to assist you.

Need new copy for your website? JMS works closely with a number of good copywriters who know how to find the perfect words to promote your new activity, product or service.

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