Translating your legal correspondence

Having legal correspondence translated will be unavoidable for anyone who does business internationally or is dealing with an international dispute. Naturally, you want both your client and your counterparty to be able to understand you at every phase of the dispute. That means that translations of your legal correspondence must be faithful and free of errors. A minor error can quickly lead to a major misunderstanding. You can rest assured that the translation of your legal correspondence will be in good hands at JMS Textservice. Our large in-house team of legal translators has precisely the expertise and experience you need.

True understanding

Legal correspondence often seems to be in a language all its own. Translating these texts requires translators to ensure that the meaning and substance of the source text are communicated as accurately as possible. JMS Textservice has a team of expert translators who have mastered not only the languages involved in their translations, but who also know precisely how to use the specific terminology often used in legal correspondence. When we translate your legal correspondence, you can rest assured that you will quickly receive an accurate translation that accurately communicates the message in your text.

Having legal correspondence translated by experts is the best choice you can make

Having JMS Textservice translate your legal correspondence is a wise decision. Nothing from the source text is left out of the translation and a second translator assures that the nuances of the source text are captured in the translation. The second translator pays specific attention to the terminology in legal correspondence and checks both style and language. This ensures that you always get the best result!