Translating procedural documents: quick and free of errors

Procedural documents include all documents that could reasonably be relevant to the decisions a court takes during a hearing. A defendant is entitled to receive these procedural documents. If the case involves one or more international defendants, the procedural documents will have to be translated. Opt for the accuracy and expertise of legal translation agency JMS Textservice. We make sure that procedural documents are translated free of errors.

Quality guaranteed

At JMS Textservice, we have specific knowledge of all procedural documents and the terminology used in those documents. This allows us to provide you with translations whose purport is identical to that of the source text. Our in-house legal translators have extensive experience in legal translations and regularly attend continuing education courses. This is how they keep their knowledge up to date. Because the procedural documents we translate contain a lot of confidential information, they are handled with the utmost discretion. When translating procedural documents, we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Translating procedural documents at short notice

JMS Textservice works quickly and at very reasonable rates. We translate procedural documents with the utmost care. Do you require an urgent translation of a procedural document? That is possible too. Please feel free to contact us by telephone. We are also willing to translate your procedural documents outside office hours.