Translations of oral arguments by true experts

In courts of law, lawyers will present oral arguments to the court on behalf of their clients. In international cases, it is not uncommon for oral arguments to translated into multiple different languages.
We at JMS Textservice would be glad to help you with that. We possess substantive knowledge of legal procedure and know the legal terminology that is used. In addition, we have extensive experience in translating oral arguments correctly.

Is the message clear?

Oral arguments are presented to the court. In doing so, the lawyer wants to accomplish something. They want to convey a certain message. Therefore, the translation of oral arguments entails more than just a literal translation of the text. It is also important to make sure that the purport of the translation is identical to that of the source text provided. That is why translated documents are reviewed multiple times at JMS Textservice. A first legal translator will set out to translate the oral arguments accurately and without mistakes. A second legal translator will then conduct a thorough review of language, style, terminology and the purport of the source text. Thanks to the expertise of our translators, you are assured of a perfect translation.

Multiple translations of oral arguments

At JMS Textservice, we take the utmost care when translating oral arguments. We do not want subtle nuances to get lost or the translation of the oral arguments to have adverse consequences. If you require oral arguments to be translated into multiple languages, we can help you with that as well. We have an extensive and reliable network of translators at our disposal. All of them rank among the very best in their respective languages.