Translating notarial deeds


Because notarial deeds are used internationally, they must often be translated. The translation of notarial deeds requires specific knowledge of the profession and the terminology used. JMS Textservice has that knowledge. Our translators are thoroughly specialised in legal translations. They have a great deal of knowledge of the subject matter and can quickly provide error-free translations of notarial deeds.

Notarial deeds are the instruments through which contracts and statements are legally recorded in writing. They are the legal agreements used to underpin a party’s position in the event of a difference of opinion or change in circumstances. Notarial deeds must be dated and signed by a civil-law notary.


An authentic instrument is one that has been drafted and authenticated by a public officer, usually a civil-law notary. A statement or contract that is signed outside the presence of a civil-law notary is referred to as a privately executed instrument. Privately executed instruments can be registered by a civil-law notary. JMS Textservice in Noord-Holland is also the right address for any translations of notarial deeds you might need.


JMS Textservice is always available. For JMS Textservice, it is no problem at all if you discover after office hours that you need to have notarial deeds translated at short notice. We have a large in-house translation team that is always at your service. We are very proud of our extensive client base of litigators, attorneys and civil-law notaries from all over the Netherlands, though most are based in Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland.

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