Translating legal texts

Translating legal texts correctly

Translating legal texts. We have been doing this with the utmost care since 1997. Working with specialised and highly educated translators means that we strike just the right chord in our translations, every time. You can have your legal texts translated at JMS Textservice knowing that we will never lose sight of the purport of the source text

Substantive professional knowledge

Legal texts can be quite lengthy and quite complex. They often contain specific terminology. At JMS Textservice we know all the ins and outs of the legal world and that means we can work with you at your level. You do not have to take the time to explain how important the subtleties in legal texts are. Your translations of these texts are in the best possible hands. Our in-house translation team works accurately and quickly, and every translation is subject to the ‘four-eyes’ principle. After an expert translator completes the translation of your legal texts, a second translator reviews the translation to check for style and language errors. That enables us to offer you the best translation possible, each and every time.

Juridische teksten vertalen: Translating legal texts: choose expertise

The fact that we know the ins and outs of the legal world and know how to provide you with a correct translation that reflects the source text as quickly as possible enables us to translate legal documents quickly. We can translate lengthy legal texts in a short amount of time because we understand them and do not need detailed explanations about things such as terminology. Expertise, accuracy and reliability; these are the pillars on which we have built our legal translation reputation for a quarter of a century.

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