Translating initiating document


In Dutch civil law, all legal proceedings are initiated by means of a summons or an application. These are included in the initiating document that contains certain specific details. If the initiating document is addressed to an international person or an international organisation, a translation of the initiating document might be necessary. This way, the other party also knows exactly what is expected of them.


An initiating document is not just some piece of text that needs to be translated. In addition to the claim, the document contains the grounds for the claim, the evidence that will be presented, the other party’s defence and your response to that defence. When translating the initiating document, it is imperative that the source text be adhered to closely. The purport and content of the translation must correspond to the source files provided. At JMS Textservice, we have specialist in-house translators who know exactly how to translate your initiating document. They are aware of the latest developments in Dutch civil law and know the terminology that is used. Moreover, an initiating document is translated in accordance with the four-eyes principle and meets high standards.


Is the translation of your initiating document a matter of urgency and would you like to receive a quotation quickly? Call us and you will receive a price estimate within an hour. We have a large in-house legal translation team at our disposal for translating initiating documents. This is one of the reasons why we can provide urgent translations of initiating documents outside business hours as well. For urgent translations we charge an additional 25% on top of our regular rates.

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