JMS Textservice: for all your translations of expedited applications

JMS Textservice has a wealth of experience in providing legal translations. We’ve been providing many satisfied clients with correct legal translations since 1997. Through our experience in the industry, we know better than anyone that legal work does not confine itself to office hours. Sometimes you need a translation of an expedited application and cannot wait until the next day. That is why JMS Textservice is always available: nights, weekends and holidays.

In-house translations, generating good results fast

Need a quotation right away for a translation of an expedited application? Call us and you will receive a price estimate within an hour. We have a large in-house legal translation team at our disposal for translating your expedited application. Together, the team possesses a great deal of knowledge, which is used to translate your expedited application as correctly as possible.
Should additional capacity be required for the translation of your expedited application, we will call in our flexible team of external translators. This is a network of skilled, independent translators around the world, mostly native speakers trained as interpreters/translators.
This way we make sure that the deadline of your expedited application is met, all the while maintaining our high standard of quality!

Translation rates for an expedited application

Because we work efficiently, we can offer very competitive rates. We charge a fixed rate per word that depends on the language pair. A fixed fee can be agreed in advance for major projects. We do not charge exorbitant rush rates for translating expedited applications, just a surcharge of 25%.
If you need a legal text or expedited application translated, contact us free of obligation.