Parties with international operations will have to translate their articles of association. For example, if they want to incorporate a company abroad or arrange financing with a foreign bank. A sworn translation of the articles of association is often required for official purposes. Articles of association are best translated by a legal translation agency. JMS Textservice employs legally trained translators with extensive experience and specific knowledge.

Articles of association reflect the rules underlying certain legal entities, such as public limited liability companies, private limited liability companies, associations and foundations. The articles of association must be recorded in the commercial register with the deed of incorporation for the perusal of third parties, while an authentic copy of this deed of incorporation must be filed there. (Articles 2:69 and 2:180 Dutch Civil Code). Articles of association also contain a lot of information about shareholders, obligations to shareholders and characteristics of shares.

Quality guaranteed

Our translators can translate articles of association at short notice. They are subject-matter experts and are familiar with the legal terminology used. They know better than anyone how to translate articles of association that do justice to the purport of the source text. At JMS Textservice, every translation is subject to the four-eyes principle. This means that any articles of association that we translate are always thoroughly checked by a second proofreader. This is how we ensure a high level of quality.

Translating articles of association, sworn or otherwise

We regularly translate articles of association and deeds of incorporation for law firms, civil-law notary firms, international companies and associations in the Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland region, but JMS Textservice serves clients throughout the Netherlands. Legal translation agency JMS Textservice has been offering high quality for over 25 years. Our agency even offers sworn translations of your articles of association. Please feel free to inquire about the extensive possibilities.