Translating a summons


A summons is a written demand for a person or entity to appear before a court. If that court or that person or entity is abroad, then the summons will have to be translated. It is important for the recipient of the summons to be able to understand what is expected of them. The translation of a summons is in good hands with JMS Textservice. We are experienced and competent and have expansive substantive knowledge.


The summons is the first procedural document in civil or criminal proceedings and describes what the case is about and the grounds underlying the claim. A translation of a summons must communicate each and every detail accurately. In order to this, the translator must possess the right knowledge and terminology.
Knowledge of the ins and outs of court proceedings and the purport of the document ensures an accurate translation of the summons. JMS Textservice has this knowledge and expertise. We are more than a translation agency and are happy to brainstorm with you when we translate a summons.


Our dedication to working with you is clear from the fact that you can always reach us. The need for a translation of a summons does not always arise during office hours. Sometimes, you cannot wait until the next day. JMS Textservice has a large team of in-house legal translators for this kind of rush job. Together, they have a great deal of legal knowledge and will do whatever is necessary to make sure your summons is translated on time. And never at the expense of quality!

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