Legal translator for over 25 years

JMS Textservice is one of the few Dutch translation agencies that devotes itself entirely to legal texts. Since our doors opened in 1997, we have been supplying accurate legal translations to litigators, civil-law notaries, financial services providers and international companies.

Save time

Because we know the ins and outs of the legal world, we save you time by working efficiently. We familiarise ourselves with the documents in your case, which means that you do not lose time by providing us with an explanation of your arguments, the course of the proceedings or the purport of a contract. We are also unequalled in our ability to pick up on important subtleties in a legal text. Our team of expert translators ensure that the translation captures the nuances and communicates the meaning of the source text.

Yes. Always.

JMS Textservice is more than just a translation agency. We act as partners to our clients, keeping the objectives and history of the case in mind while we translate. And that does not stop once your document is returned. No matter how large, complex or urgent the translation request, our answer is always ‘yes’. Unless you ask whether something is impossible…

JMS Textservice can translate all your legal texts, such as:

procedural documents (such as summonses, statements of defence, replies, rejoinders, memoranda of oral arguments, applications, appellate pleadings, notices of objection, statements of appeal, defences on appeal, other submissions to the court or tribunal)

• exhibits and appendices to procedural documents
expert reports
witness statements
articles of association
notarial deeds and privately executed instruments
general terms and conditions
legal correspondence
financial documents

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