Need a translation of your legal texts? Lawyers choose JMS Textservice

We’ve been working with JMS Textservice for many years, to our complete satisfaction. Quick turnaround time, friendly contacts and a good price. Marcel Steur has brought JMS to where it stands now, at the pinnacle of translation firms.

Remco de Waal

JMS has always been an outstanding translation firm for our group of companies. JMS deserve all the accolades they get, not just because the translation work is excellent, but also because of how quickly the finished product is delivered. We hope to use the services provided by JMS Textservice long into the future.

C.P. van der Linden

The need for rapid and expert translations into multiple languages is a matter of routine for us. Fortunately, JMS Textservice are always there for us, offering a flexible and personal approach.

Hen Veerman

JMS Textservice deliver translations quickly, and represents value for money. Promises are always kept and they can easily be reached by phone. In short: hats off to JMS.

Dennis Obendorfer

JMS Textservice never miss a deadline, deliver expertise and always contribute ideas tailored to specific customers.

Corn Veerman AA

The translators at JMS do more than translate words from one language to another, they understand the substance of what they translate. For example, the translations done for the banking industry were a perfect reflection of what the text meant, which minimises the possibility of user misinterpretation.

Mw. Mr. Hanneke de Boer

The Labour Law team at Lexence Advocaten often uses the services of JMS Textservice. We are very satisfied with their service, speed and accuracy.

Mr. Floor Damen

Maes Law focus primarily on national and international labour law. Our labour migration practice, in particular, often encounters documents that require either official or unofficial translations, and often in and from all conceivable languages. We always call on the services of JMS Textservice when these situations arise. Quick, accurate and always friendly, even when we ask for the impossible. We cannot recommend JMS highly enough!

Bart Maes

We are very satisfied with the services provided by JMS Textservice. It is not just the quality they provide, but the quick turnaround time, fulfilment of promises and ready availability that draw us to JMS Textservice. They are also pleasant to deal with because the people who work there are enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs. Finally, they do more than pay lip service to their slogan “Your Deadline, Our Priority”, they live by it.

John K.A. van Loo

As an attorney at a major international law firm, I routinely deal with documents that have to be translated rapidly. My first choice is JMS Textservice. They work quickly and flexibly and deliver good work.

Mr. Bjarni Schim