Patent translations


Intellectual property (IP) is an area of law that is very familiar to the team at JMS Textservice. Our primary focus in this field is on patent disputes. As specialised patent law translators, we can translate lengthy patent documents in a short amount of time. This means that you can discuss the translations with your client before the original copies are submitted to the District Court, Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Once those instances have rendered their judgments, we can quickly translate those as well. We know that your clients eagerly anticipate these judgments and want to read them as quickly as possible. As patent-law translators, we are optimally placed to make that happen.


Because we have substantive knowledge of the field and the specific terminology used in patent law, the patent-law documents we translate dovetail seamlessly with the internationally oriented day-to-day IP practice. Files often take a long time to close, something that can take months or even years. That enables us, as patent-law translators, to gain an increasingly in-depth understanding of the subject matter in continuous exchanges with lawyers and patent agents. It is common for the same patent dispute to be playing out before courts in several countries, which often means foreign judgments have to be available in other languages, including English. That enables our translators to better coordinate patent-law documents with the terminology used in English-language judgments, for example. The European Patent Convention, which is the basis on which European patents are granted, is available in every official language of the European Union, which enables us to ensure that the terminology we choose is consistent with IP law.


JMS Textservice B.V. is different from other translation agencies because we have an in-house legal translation team that specialises in translating patent-law documents. Six of our in-house translators work primarily on patent-law matters, and they are regularly assisted by an experienced external patent-law translator. They often work in small teams on the same translation to enable a continuous exchange of knowledge on the subject matter of the patent-law dispute, to ensure consistent terminology, and to create elegant translation solutions. This means that we can also translate and review large patent-law translations quickly. Feedback from our colleagues in the patent-law team and from our clients is incorporated immediately into our translations, so that gains in knowledge become part of our expertise.


Our patent-law translators regularly follow courses on IP law to gain more in-depth knowledge of the field, including the 20-credit Intellectual Property Translation Course offered by Chris Odijk. We also participate in substantive courses and seminars so that we can stay current on new developments relating to translating patent-law cases. In addition, our patent law translators take courses and training to make even better use of the technological tools that enable us to make smarter use of our vast corpus of already translated and proofread patent law translations.

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