Translations for insurance companies rely on more than just language. Industry-related knowledge and the ability to translate complex legal texts into clear and readily understandable communication also play an important role. We offer all that and more, with our team of translators specialising in the field of insurance. JMS Textservice is at your service to support all your translation needs. We have a proven track record and quality is our top priority.


In the insurance sector, effective communication is key. Insurance policies, terms and conditions and advice given by lawyers must be legally correct, but it is equally important that their contents are easily understandable by the target audience. We understand this need for clarity and accessibility, which is why make sure to write our translations in a way that is easily understandable, without compromising on quality. We even guarantee this for the most complex legal texts.


We have a great working relationship with Centraal Beheer PPI, Achmea’s pension branch. We translate a wide range of documents for them on a regular basis, including pension schemes and administration agreements. We have a deep understanding of the nuances of the insurance branch and are proud to play an active role in the day-to-day practice of this important player in the pension market.


TVM, one of our clients, focuses mainly on transport insurance. Established in the northern part of the Netherlands, TVM provides insurance for freight transport, truckloads in particular, which are often the target of theft. This sector faces unique challenges, especially when it concerns liability in a complex chain of clients and parties executing the assignment. Our services in this industry involve more than just translation. In addition to providing translations, we also regularly offer our interpretation services in court cases relating to insurance issues.


Our involvement goes beyond translation. We pro-actively read and assess your texts and provide feedback, which contributes to conveying your message in the most effective way possible. These services are particularly valuable in a sector in which legal precision is of paramount importance.


The world of insurance is all about attention to detail, accuracy and timely communication. By making clear agreements in advance about target audience, tone of voice and jargon, and by putting native speakers on the job who look critically at consistent use of language and the comprehensibility of a text, we ensure high-quality translations and consistent terminology. By putting our best native speakers on the job, we can work quicklywithout losing quality. This may mean that several translators collaborate on a translation. Our translation process involves making clear agreements in advance about the target audience, the tone of voice and the preferred jargon. In addition, our native speakers have a critical eye for consistent language use and the accessibility of a text, which ensures high-quality translations and consistent terminology. Our native speakers also ensure that the translation is idiomatically correct.

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