JMS Textservice is a professional translation agency. We deliver high-quality translations produced by our in-house team of experienced legal translators. Legal translation agency JMS Textservice is always available to start work on your translation assignment immediately.

JMS Textservice also has three in-house interpreters, all of whom are certified court interpreters. Are you looking for an interpreter to assist you in matters handled by a civil-law notary or in court proceedings? Our in-house court interpreters interpret from Dutch to English and vice versa, but thanks to our extensive network of top-notch interpreters we are able to render any foreign language comprehensible to you or your client/partner.

JMS Textservice and its team of experienced legal translators has been delivering legal translations of the highest quality since 1997. While translations from Dutch to English and vice versa remain a common request, we provide translations in all languages, including German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. Feel free to contact us to discover what JMS Textservice can do for you.

Legal translation is an art of its own

As a legal translation agency, JMS Textservice has an in-house team of 15 legal translators/editors who can start your urgent assignment immediately, either on their own or together with colleagues. From that point on, we consider your deadline to be our responsibility. This page provides you with more information about our services, our methods and rates, and our translators’ qualifications.

Looking for a translation of a legal text, such as a summons, patent, financial document or privately executed instrument? Contact us now free of obligation.

Any legal translation is possible at JMS Textservice.


Translating legal documents requires specialised knowledge and accuracy. After all, an error in a legal translation can have major consequences. JMS Textservice is staffed by specialised translators versed in specific legal terminology. This enables our legal translation agency to provide you with expert and correct translations in a short amount of time.

Legal translations must sometimes be completed at short notice. We understand that and our flexible work process enables us to handle urgent requests with no problem. Because we work with various sworn translators in all language pairs, legal documents can be translated into virtually any language at JMS Textservice

How we can assist you

Translating notarial deeds

TRANSLATING NOTARIAL DEEDS Because notarial deeds are used internationally, they must often be translated. The translation of notarial deeds requires specific knowledge…

Translating general terms and conditions

TRANSLATING GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Ready to go international? You would do well to have your general terms and conditions translated by…

Witness statements translated by specialists

TRANSLATING WITNESS STATEMENTS Witness statements may be admitted as evidence in court proceedings. These statements relate to issues or events about which…

Patent translations

TRANSLATING PATENT DOCUMENTS Intellectual property (IP) is an area of law that is very familiar to the team at JMS Textservice. Our…

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Client reviews of legal translation agency JMS Textservice

JMS Juridisch Vertaalbureau vertalen quote

Many of our business clients operate internationally and employ people with all kinds of nationalities. We rely on JMS Textservice to provide us with high-level…

Jaap Jong

Zaan Advocaten

Our firm is regularly engaged by clients who don’t speak Dutch, like expats or people who stuck around after their studies and never felt the…

Dinant Dijkhuis

Dijkhuis Koeman

We have come to see JMS Textservice as part of our own team: a solution-oriented business partner for our clients. They work quickly and our…

Marian van Eck

Liber Dock

We speak the language of law

Legal translator of over 25 years

JMS Textservice is one of the few Dutch translation agencies that devotes itself entirely to legal texts. Since our doors opened in 1997, we have been supplying accurate legal translations to litigators, civil-law notaries, financial services providers and international companies.

Save time

Because we know the ins and outs of the legal world, we save you time by working efficiently. We familiarise ourselves with the documents in your case file, which means that you do not lose time by providing us with an explanation of your arguments or the course of the proceedings.

Yes. Always.

JMS Textservice is more than just a translation agency. We act as partners to our clients, keeping the objectives and history of the case in mind while we translate. And that does not stop once your document is returned. No matter how large, complex or urgent the translation request, our answer is always ‘yes’. Unless you ask whether something is impossible…


Experienced legal translators

Our translation team

We have a fantastic in-house translation team. Whatever the situation may be, the JMS team is at your service. With their extensive legal knowledge, our translators will translate your documents perfectly. Check out our legal translation team on this page and find out what JMS Textservice can do for you.


Translation is a two-step process at our legal translation agency. Our translators start working on the translation as soon as you supply the source text. They work closely together in small teams to ensure consistency in terms of style and terminology. After the source text is translated, the translation is always reviewed and edited by a second translator. That is how we can always guarantee the quality of our legal translations.

Legal translations supplied by JMS Textservice adhere to the style, terminology and legal substance of your source text. The translators at our legal translation agency regularly take courses and trainings to keep their legal knowledge up to date


No matter how complex your request is, the translation process is always simple. You provide us with a digital file of your source text, our translation team gets to work and a second translator conducts a final check. You receive your translation by e-mail within the agreed term. We always welcome comments, additions or questions as part of our process.


We know that legal work is not always a nine-to-five prospect. That is why we are always available: nights, weekends and holidays. Need a quotation right away? Call us and you will receive a price estimate within an hour.


Because we work efficiently, we can offer very competitive rates. We charge a fixed rate per word that depends on the language pair. A fixed fee can be agreed in advance for major projects. We do not charge exorbitant fees for urgent assignments, just a surcharge of 25%

Why choose JMS Textservice as your Legal Translation Agency?

Legal texts are often chock-full of legal jargon. This can make it difficult to read and understand a legal text, let alone to translate it into a different language. When it comes to drafting important legal documents, you want the assistance of a translator who specialises in law. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process to find a translator who is both highly qualified and affordable. JMS Textservice can help you provide legally correct, fluent translations of your documents. Our linguists have in-depth knowledge of languages, legal terminology and legal cultures. Legal translation agency JMS Textservice helps you ensure that your clients and partners are happy and helps you protect your business from lawsuits and fines.