You do not trust just anyone to translate your legal documents. The best choice you can make is to have your translations done by a translation agency that specialises in legal documents. We at JMS Textservice would be glad to help you. We have a team of expert translators who have mastered not only the languages involved in their translations, but who also know precisely how to use the specific terminology often used in legal correspondence.

Your documents, our priority

Translations of legal documents, such as procedural documents, must be both factually and legally correct. There is no room for errors in legal translations; even minor errors can have major consequences. At JMS Textservice, we translate legal documents with extreme care. Translations of procedural documents such as statements of defence, replies, letters accompanying exhibits, statements of appeal or summonses are significant examples. We consider procedural documents to be all documents “that could reasonably be relevant to the decisions a court takes during a hearing”.

Procedural documents that are submitted in the Netherlands to the District Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court of the Netherlands must be written in Dutch. Our expert translation team can translate lengthy procedural documents quickly so that you have time to explain the substance of the issues to your client before you submit the original texts. Whether you request such a translation at 13.00 or 21.00 makes no difference. We are always available.

Translating legal documents into a wide range of languages

You may be working on an international case that requires documents to be translated from or into multiple languages. JMS Textservice is the right address for all your needs. We have an extensive and reliable network of translators who stay apprised of all the latest developments, terminology and rules. That means a translation of legal documents is always in good hands with JMS Textservice.