Sustainability and climate neutrality are hot topics and it is vital for every company to be able to communicate their ideas on these issues internationally. This applies not only to legal documents, sustainability reports, environmental impact assessments and compliance regulations, but also to marketing campaigns, newsletters or technical manuals. Translation agency JMS Textservice can help companies convey their message clearly in any language.


If your company operates internationally, you will want to hire a trusted translation agency. You want an agency that can translate documents perfectly into English and that works with native speakers for all your other language needs. When translating, JMS Textservice pays close attention to the target audience and tone of voice appropriate to your company. This way your text will have the same look and feel across all languages.


Sustainability initiatives and climate-neutral goals often involve complex legal aspects. Our highly experienced translators are all familiar with these legal frameworks and regulations. We ensure that your documents are translated accurately, so you can be sure that your communication is legally watertight. We have certainly earned our stripes in this field. Among the many examples of documents translated by JMS Textservice in the world of sustainability and climate neutrality are the Supreme Court’s rulings and Advocate General’s opinion in the Urgenda Climate Case.


Besides legal documents, JMS Textservice also translates all other forms of communication about and for your sustainability strategy. These translations range from marketing campaigns and press releases to technical manuals. Any work we may have previously performed for you is carefully stored, so we are always quick to identify the stylistics of a text we previously translated for you and you never have to pay twice for words we already translated for you if only part of a text needs to be changed. Our translation agency aims to get your message across while maintaining your style and tone of voice, delivering translations that are readily understood by your target audience.


Many of our customers want to have the desired translations at their disposal quickly. Our translation team is flexible and we understand when urgency is required. We put our best native speakers on the job, which allows us to work quickly without losing quality. This may mean that several translators collaborate on a translation. By making clear agreements in advance about target audience, tone of voice and jargon, and by putting native speakers on the job who look critically at consistent use of language and the comprehensibility of a text, we ensure high-quality translations and consistent terminology. Our native speakers also ensure that the translation is idiomatically correct.

JMS Textservice is your best choice for a partner when it comes to translations in the field of sustainability!

  • Our translators have accrued knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability and climate. They are familiar with the specific terminology and know how to convert this into a consistent and readily understandable translation of your message.

JMS Textservice has previously been engaged by parties including the Supreme Court of the Netherlands (Urgenda Climate Case), Clifford Chance (contract documents regarding windmill farms) and Houthoff (subtitling videos and translating communication for the Climate Risk & Sustainability practice).

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