Correct translations of expert reports


Expert reports can be crucial during legal proceedings. Translations of those reports should be entrusted not to a random translator, but to an experienced legal translation agency. JMS Textservice employees are specialised translators who preserve the precise essence of the source text when they translate expert reports. In addition, expert reports are translated based on the four-eyes principle; translations are always checked by a second editor. This guarantees high-quality translations of expert reports.

Sworn translations

Court expert witnesses commissioned by the court investigate special cases where the parties involved cannot reach agreement. The resulting expert reports include the factual findings that could affect the course of the proceedings. In international court cases, expert reports must be translated. In many cases, only sworn translations can be submitted in legal proceedings. JMS Textservice offers that option. We employ multiple sworn translators who can translate expert reports skillfully at short notice.

Made-to-order translations

JMS Textservice handles every aspect of translation work. We speak the language of law and stay current on all the latest developments in our field. Our in-house translation team will translate your expert reports with 100% accuracy. Need assistance at short notice? We are also available to translate expert reports outside office hours.

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